Humphrey Feeds


Humphrey Feeds is a family business with over 80 years of poultry experience. Poultry feeds are our specialty – excellent nutrition, consistency, experience and reliability! We supply all types of layers feeds, organic poultry feeds, breeder feeds and rearing feeds – and these can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, with the assistance of our experienced farm support team. Initially we fed our own laying and rearing birds – and supplied a few local farmers.

From that time onwards our customers, and our range of feeds, has expanded greatly and we are now the South West, South and South East’s leading independent specialist poultry feed supplier.

Rearing and laying feeds are supplied to the Egg Division farms and the division markets feeds to independent egg producers, hatching egg producers and broiler growers. With nearly 400 specialised diets currently in use, we are able to provide a feed, which is suited to all types of poultry at all stages of their life and/or production cycle.

Our own dedicated fleet of vehicles ensures that quality is maintained throughout, giving the producer/grower additional reassurance in the product we produce, as we know what has been in our vehicles and when cleaning has been carried out.


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